Bosch PWB 600 Workbench Bamboo Surface with Clamping Dogs


The Bosch PWB 600 Workbench is in many peoples opinion one of the greatest workbenches available today. It’s been developed to assist many DIYers and professionals all over the world. The workbench is not only extremely portable but incredibly safe. The frame is made from aluminium and measures 9cm thick, due to the materials used in production the bench only weighs in at 11.6kg, perfect for carrying to location if needed.


The BoschBosch IXO 3.6V Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver. Read more ... » workbench has many uses, clamping various materials with depth up to 34mm and width up to 525mm with the supplied clamping dogs. Once again the solid frame provides the ability to hold weighs of up to 200kg. Pieces that need to be fixed Bosch has developed two methods that can be used to ensure high a high quality of work. The two bamboo worktops can be adjusted with the handles to fix pieces of up to 85mm in width, this means that users can work on round or irregular items.


The bamboo surface is well protected, a long working life should be expected. The bamboo surface is waterproof and due to it’s quality it should withstand damage that could lead to the inability of fixing clamps correctly.


Box Contents

1 Bosch PWB 600 Workbench
4 Clamping dogs
1 Instruction Manual

Product Description

Measurement folded: 640 x 840 x 90mm
Weight: 11.6kg
Clamping depth: 34mm
Height: 834mm
Table measures 680 x 550mm
Carry Capacity: 200kg

Closing Comment

The Bosch PWB 600 Workbench is very well designed and manufactured it should serve you well for your DIYEasy Woodworking Plans For The DIY Woodworker. Read more ... » requirements.